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Double your sales with our digital marketing roadmap

  • If you are responsible for sales and marketing in your company, it might feel like you are tasked with the impossible.
  • You may have read blogs, attended events and tried many sales and marketing tactics without much return. It's easy to spend marketing dollars by doing various things, it makes you feel good knowing that you are spending on marketing so the results will eventually come.

  • But doing more of something that does not work will only make things worse!

  • Take a minute to consider how you are currently marketing your organization. Smart marketing is all about delivering an experience, not simply posting ad after ad.

  • Wouldn't it be great to have a marketing program so effective that you get a constant flow of leads to your business and a good amount of them converting to paying clients?  

  • In this email course we teach you how to do just that. You learn the concepts of permission marketing that helps you cut through the noise and connect with your audience. You will identify your core strengths that you can leverage to boost your sales.
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About me

Farhad Khan - Grype Riverside Office

I am Farhad Khan, Founder and CEO of Grype. I believe that technology should be used to improve lives and create opportunities through meaningful connections. I have devoted my career to helping clients and organizations be the best version of themselves and use digital technology to take their organizations to new heights.

I have won several awards over the years and my work was featured in various magazines.