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5 secrets to double your website conversion without a redesign!

Let's say you want to get more traction from your organization's website. Where do you start?

If you are like me, your organization has a good website already. You want to get more traction from your website, but you do not have the time or budget to redesign your website every year. What do you do?  

In this talk we will outline some simple but big ideas that will unlock a lot of potential from your existing website.

There are a lot of things you can do to significantly increase the engagement on your website. Keep in mind, your website is a marketing machine and what you do on your website should be directly linked to your marketing and service fulfillment goals.

Secret "Zero"  

I will give you the first secret already. Go to a whiteboard or take a piece of paper, open your mind, assume that you have no constraints of time, budget or resources. Now write down the answers to these 2 questions below:  

1. What are the top 2 things you want people to know about your organization when they come to your website 2. What are the top 2 things you want them to do when they visit your website  

Now go back to your website and check if your website is doing these!  

People come to your website because they have a problem and they want to know if you can be trusted to solve their problem. Your organization has a great history of serving your industry and you know you provide a great service. You still wonder why so many of your website visitors do not convert into paying clients.

No matter how great your services are, just saying so on your website is not enough to convince your visitors.Your website is a marketing tool that needs to convince your visitors you understand their pain and that you can be trusted to solve their problem.​

Wouldn't it be great to design a website that people not only love but they instantly know how valuable your work is to them?  

Join me for this talk to find out how you can turn your existing website into a marketing machine.

BONUS: We will have a guest speaker, Pat Crosscrombe, founder of Pat will share how they optimized their website for conversion without doing a redesign.

When and where

5-7 pm, October 15, 2019

Grype Solutions 2821 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, ON K1V8N4

There will be free pizza at the event!

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About me

Farhad Khan - Grype Riverside Office

I am Farhad Khan, Founder and CEO of Grype. I believe that technology should be used to improve lives and create opportunities through meaningful connections. I have devoted my career to helping clients and organizations be the best version of themselves and use digital technology to take their organizations to new heights.

I have won several awards over the years and my work was featured in various magazines.

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